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Performance Horse Awards 

The AHS Performance Horse Awards is a year-long high points competition for performance horses in ridden disciplines including endurance, racing, show jumping, eventing, ridden showing and dressage. Full points are awarded for affiliated competition, reduced points for unaffiliated. Bonus marks are awarded for each additional discipline. Entry is free to horses owned by members. The awards are in three sections, for pure Arab, part-Arabs and Anglo Arabs, with an Overall Junior winner. AHS Awards are also made to individual winners in each affiliated discipline, plus the best Veteran.

Congratulations to the Champions and Top Ten finalists in the 2018 AHS Performance Horse Awards.

Trophies and individually-named gold-embossed rosettes will be presented at the National Championship Show on Saturday 27 July by the Hon President of the Society

Performance Horse Awards - 2014 Results


Sponsored by Gadebrook Stud


*The Westpoint Trophy for Overall Performance Champion &

Dinsdale Memorial Trophy for Pure Arabs

* MARCUS AURELIUS 670 points - owned by Rowena Bertram

Reserve Overall Performance Champion:

CALIMEER 620 points – owned by Karen Dewey

3rd ABERLLWYD SATRA 565 points – owned by Karen Day

4th KHALIFA BJ 505 points– owned by Jackie Lloyd

5th ELAYLA 460 points – owned by Katie & Lucy Bedwin

6th ZIM NAZKA 455 points – owned by Jackie Lloyd

7th JUMANJI 450 points – owned by Cheryl Wallace

8th VELUCIUS 408 points – owned by Juliet Martin

9th CF WINTER AMADEUS 370 points – owned by Pat Guerin

10th BINLEY PRICE SALIM 355 points – owned by Anne Brown


MELLWAY PRECIOUS ROSE 540 points – owned by Kay Curtis

2nd LITTLETONS DEFINATELY MAYBE 470 points – owned by India Duke

3rd MOUNT EDGECUMBE INKA’S GOLD 285 points – owned by Juliet Martin

3rd YAWL HILL POLLYANNA 285 points – owned by Kirsty Wiscombe

5th PRINCE MELIODAS 255 points – owned by Rachael Claridge

6th BURFIELD RED DRAGON 235 points – owned by Mrs E Rosemary Attfield

6th YAWL HILL MAVERICK 235 points – owned by Kirsty Wiscombe

8th YAWL HILL KYLA 120 points – owned by Kirsty Wiscombe

9th ISHTAR SPIRIT 100 points – owned by Kirsty Wiscombe

10th YAWL HILLBILLY 70 points - owned by Kirsty Wiscombe


*The Lady Yule Memorial Plate for the AngloArab Champion

* LINDSTON KYTRINA 480 points – owned by Emilie Fleming

2nd GUISBURN ELEGANCE 171 points – owned by Lorna Turner

3rd MARLAK SUPER DUDE 145 points – owned by Muriel Taylor


High Points Affiliated Endurance: KHALIFA BJ

505 points in Affiliated EGB

High Points Affiliated Show Jumping: LITTLETONS DEFINATELY MAYBE

365 point in Affiliated BS

High Points Affiliated Dressage: MELLWAY PRECIOUS ROSE

365 points in Affiliated BD

High Points Affiliated Ridden: CALIMEER

385 points in AHS Ridden Showing

High Points Affiliated Racing: ZAYIN ZACHILLES

265 points in ARO Racing

High Points Versatility: MARCUS AURELIUS

520 points in Affiliated Competitions

High Points Versatility Reserve: MELLWAY PRECIOUS ROSE

510 points in Affiliated Competitions

High Points Veteran: VELUCIUS

310 points on Affiliated Competitions

High Points on more than one Pure Arab SUE & LOUISE RICH

High Points on more than one Part Arab KIRSTY WISCOMBE

High Points Junior Champion and winner of The Farenza Cup *

* INDIA DUKE 840 points

2nd KATIE BEDWIN 695 points

3rd KATHERINE BERTRAM 605 points

4th EMILIE FLEMING 480 points

5th SAFFRON BISHOP 285 points

6th COURTNEY WOOLCOCK 258 points

7th BECKY BERTRAM 65 points

Coed-y-foel Breeder’s Trophy for high points AHS Premium Progeny:

Pure Arab – Coed-y-foel Stud Part Arab – Biddesden Stud

Performance Horse Awards - 2013 Results

Congratulations to the Top Ten in the three sections - Pure bred, part-bred and Anglo Arabs - and the High Points winners in each discipline. 

2013 AHS PERFORMANCE HORSE AWARDS, sponsored by Gadebrook Stud


1st BINLEY PRINCE SALIM - 715 points Overall Winner & AHS Premium Progeny

2nd CALIMEER – 590 points

3rd ABERLLWYD SATRA – 520 points

4th GUISBURN SZAREEN – 419 points

5th SILVER ZOURRA – 415 points

6th GUISBURN HANEEF – 388 points

7th ZYTA – 385 points

8th KATE’S MATE – 365 points

9th TERMINATORS DREAM – 355 points

10th FAIRWINDS JEDI – 345 points


1st MELLWAY PRECIOUS ROSE - 690 points Overall Reserve


3rd YAWL HILLBILLY - 370 points

4th BURFIELD RED DRAGON - 200 points


6th PRINCE MELIODAS - 190 points

7th IT’S SHOWTYME - 145 points

8th CAROUSEL DREAMING - 110 points

9th LAGUNA FLAME - 100 points

10th DEANHILLS GREAT EXPECTATIONS - 40 points – Junior


1st LINDSTON KYTRINA – 467.5 points Anglo winner

2nd GUISBURN ELEGANCE – 108 points

High Points affiliated Endurance: ABERLLWYD SATRA (420 points) Pure bred

High Points affiliated show jumping: - MELLWAY PRECIOUS ROSE (415 points) Part

High Points affiliated Dressage: CALIMEER (390 points) Pure bred

High Points Versatility: LITTLETONS DEFINATELY MAYBE (425 points) Part-bred

High Points Junior:

1st Katie Bedwin (16) on Elayla (pure) + Burfield Red Dragon (part-bred) (470 points)

2nd Emilie Fleming (14) on LINDSTON KYSTRINA (467.5 points) Anglo

High Points affiliated Ridden: FAIRWINDS JEDI (125 points) Pure bred

High Points affiliated Racing: MAN OF DREAMS (200 points) Pure bred

High Points Veteran: ZHIWAH (pure bred) (285 points) AB 20.2.2014

The Awards for 2103 and 2014 are kindly sponsored by Gadebrook Stud, breeders of pure Arab performance horses - 

Gadebrook will also sponsor two new categories for 2014: Overall 'Best Veteran (16+)’; and Overall 'Rider with Most Points on different horses’.

Sheer Versatility will sponsor a 2014 ‘Novice High points Endurance' award, with a £100 purse to the AHS member with a Novice endurance horse, 6 years old or older, which stays Novice all year. The owner wins £75 - with £25 extra of the rider is a member of EGB as well.

 Pure bred, part bred and Anglo Arab horses owned by AHS members taking part in a variety of ridden disciplines gain points throughout the calendar year. The awards are won by horses with
the most points. 

Sheer Versatility Award

ARAB HORSE SOCIETY – Performance Horse Awards 2012 – Top 10



 1st           ELAYLA ch m 2006 by Nisar Ibn Estopa out of Elegance by Aurabba.

 Bred by Mr & Mrs RS Thomas and owned by Mrs L and Miss K Bedwin.  Ridden by Katie Bedwin (Junior)                                                   

 Endurance up to 81kms + PC ODE and show jumping up to 1m.                 610 points


2nd        SHAKMARI GOLD ch g 2004 by Mareschal out of Shakira Gold by Golden Cavalier.  Bred by Mrs CB Pitt and owned by Mr & Mrs Adshead.  Ridden by Lisa Adshead.

 Endurance up to 81kms and AHS Marathon winner                                     575 points


3rd        KAMILLAH gr m 2004 by Imperial Kamilll out of Kateefah by Kerim Shah. Bred, owned and ridden by Mrs JHL Phillips

 Novice endurance up to 43kms with dressage and show jumping                 555 points

 4th        BINLEY PRINCE SALIM gr st 2005 by Prince Sadik out of Silvern Image by Masjid.  Bred by Mrs Caroline Sussex and owned by Mrs Anne Brown. 

 Ridden by Miss Emma Thomas + Mrs Susan Hawes                                                

 Affiliated Novice Dressage, Endurance up to 80kms and Ridden Showing.  522 points


5th        SOVEREIGN br g 2002 by FL Sayawan (DE) out of Charala by Al Aswad.  Bred by Mrs Joanne Lowe and owned and ridden by Carri Ann Dark.

 All endurance including a 1st at 160kms.                                                        485 points

CARRI ANN DARK - total: 1105 points on 6 horses

6th        ZHIWAH gr g 1992 by Platoon HT out of Heavenly Grace by Mustaphah

 Bred by Mrs AW Potts and owned and ridden by Pat Guerin.                    

 Up to Novice dressage, endurance and ridden showing.                               475 points


7th        OPEN ALL HOURS gr m 2004 by Vadeer out of Options Open by

 Bengali D’Albret.  Bred by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

 Owned by Ann Dark and ridden by Carri Ann Dark.

 All endurance including a 1st at 100kms.                                                        460 points


8th        MARCUS AURELIUS ch st 2001 by Aurelian out of Fiesta Magica by Dargee Star.  Bred by Mrs D R Whittome. Owned and ridden by Mrs Rowena Bertram, also Katherine Bertram, Gill Plumbley and Louise Scammel.

 Mainly endurance with dressage and show jumping up to 90cm                   455 points


9th         ALMINA gr m 1999 by Al Maurab out of HT Janina by Majari.  Bred by Miss NJT Haworth. Owned by Mary Clarke

 Affiliated dressage up to Elementary, and ridden showing.                          425 points


10th      AURONTES ch g 2001 by Aurelian out of Roxaana by Nashaal.  Bred by Mrs B Paine and owned by Mrs Judy Holloway

 Endurance including one ride at 80kms and one at 100kms                          405 points

 LOUISE RICH - total: 1105 points on 4 homebred horses




1st        MELLWAY PRECIOUS ROSE b m 2002 by De Beer out of Alcina

 Bred by Mr JC Hutchings and owned by Kay Curtis and ridden by Clare Wilson. 

 Affiliated BS show jumping and BD dressage.  OVERALL WINNER.    685 points


2nd        LAGUNA FLAME b st 2004 by TP Starbuck (US) out of Mistral Whisper.

 Bred and owned by Alan Girdwood and ridden by Leanne Moir

 BS show jumping up to 105cms.                                                                    580 points


3rd        RUBY SHY sk m 2003 by Puzzles Limited Edition out of Malibou Surfbreaker.

 Bred and owned by Alan Girdwood and ridden by Leanne Moir.                           

 BS show jumping up to 105cms                                                                     575 points


4th        CAROUSEL DREAMING b m 2005 by TP Starbuck (US) out of Silver Frost.

 Bred by Mr A Girdwood and owned by Mr A Girdwood and Mr RK Pledger.     

 BS show jumping up to 95cms.                                                                      280 points

ALAN GIRDWOOD – total: 1435 points on 3 horses!


5th        BURFIELD RED DRAGON ch g 1998 by Courtside out of Garmon Cerise.

 Bred and owned by Mrs E Rosemary Attfield and ridden by Katie Bedwin          

 Endurance up to 81kms.                                                                                 100 points



 1st           Katie Bedwin + ELAYLA ch m 2006 by Nisar Ibn Estopa

 Endurance up to 81kms plus PC ODE and show jumping up to 1m.                         610 points

                                 + BURFIELD RED DRAGON ch g 1998 by Courtside 100 points

 Total: 710 points

2nd        Harriet Williams  + CLARISONA gr m 1995 by Harkem

 Bred by Mrs BK Moss and owned by Victoria Free. 

 Dressage, show jumping, ridden showing, hunting and a sponsored ride.   336 points


3rd        Michelle Smith + SHAHIR NEESAAN ch g 2007 by Psyches Image R out of Sushi by Maleik El Kheil.  Bred by Mrs NM Handley. 

 Show jumping to 75cms & hunting, a hunter trial & ridden showing          295 points

                                     + ROSE ALBA gr m 1990 by Tribune out of Rose Ruby by Prince Hal.  Bred by Mrs DM Mathias.  Owned by Lisa Smith

 Show jumping up to 85cms.                            125points       

 4th       Caroline Hawes + KALISH b m 2004 by Crystal Magic out of Kumasha by Persimmon. Owned and bred by Mrs Anne Brown  Advanced Endurance    110 points


Special congratulations to: ALAN GIRDWOOD – total: 1435 points with 3 horses; CARRI ANN DARK - total: 1105 points on 6 horses; and LOUISE RICH - total: 1105 points on 4 homebred horses





2010 Results.   Awards were presented at the 2011 National Show


Part Bred Arab







Mellway Precious Rose

Kay Curtis






Queen Guinevere

Caroline Turner






Foxton Velvet

Jane Meacham














Anglo Arabs







Monclare Somer Grace

Jeanette Mackenzie













Pure Bred Arabs







Aberllwyd Briar Rose

Alison House







Mrs Pat Guerin







Sally Wrigglesworth







Angela Fleming






Hazar Afsana

Janet Turner






Rose Alba

Michelle Smith



Highest placed junior



Sally Wrigglesworth






Melissa Rose

Valda Angier






Oakleaze Farm Cziko

Lousie Rich






Ground Kontrol

Sue Rich



























Oakleaze Farm Czelo

Louise Rich






Fairwinds Jedi

Lorna Ewin






Oakleaze Farm Czako

Louise Rich






Oakleaze Farm Czaro

Sue Rich






Oakleaze Farm Czarena

Lousie Rich






Bashir Nadeena

Jane Meacham







Miss B R Brigg






Oakleaze Farm Czamak

Louise Rich